Late Winter Visit to Rolater Park

When: March 3, 2018
Where: Rolater Park, Cave Spring
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Since the weather has been unseasonably mild lately, we decided to take a short trip to Cave Spring while visiting family in Cedartown. It’s a pleasant 20 minute drive down a winding country road with thick foliage, old houses, and spectacular views. The park’s main attraction, the cave (“natural limestone with impressive stalagmites and legendary ‘Devil’s Stool’ formation”), is closed until April, but visitors can still enjoy the beautiful grounds which include ducks wandering freely, a fish pond stocked with trout (no fishing in this spot, but fish food can be purchased from the shop when it’s open), wading in the spring water, picnic areas, and generous seating. There is also a hiking trail, which at this time of year is entirely visible through the trees, but in the warmer months can be tricky to navigate.

This building, The Hearn Academy, replaced the original 1838 Manual Labor School for Boys that was destroyed by fire in the early 20th century. It was built on the site in 1910 and is now used for special events. There is also a church on the grounds that serves as a wedding venue, and a historic inn adjacent from the church. Further down you’ll find a kids’ playground area, a chlorine-free pool (Rolater Lake), and another shallow area near the entrance where you’ll sometimes find children fishing. Leashed pets are welcome in the park.

Rolater Park makes a pleasant day-trip with kids, especially when the cave is open to visitors! If you’d like to try the “award-winning” water, bring along some empty jugs. It’s free! Other attractions in Cave Spring include antique shops and restaurants. Google Maps shows a Welcome Center and History Museum, though I can’t confirm its existence with this particular trip.

(quoted phrases are from the official website of Cave Spring)